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Changshu International School is located in Changshu New&Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangsu. With the elegant campus and advanced teaching facilities, the school engages in education from primary school to junior high school whilst also providing accommodation for students. The international school was officially opened in September 2011. It provides diversified international elementary education with high quality for students in the Changshu area. 

With an abundance of well-qualified teachers, we also invite the domestically well-known principal Cao Lunhua to be the general counsel of Changshu International School. The school also brings together a large number of experienced and highly dedicated teachers, including superior teachers, outstanding head teachers, as well as provincial and municipal outstanding educators. The school employs top academics whose expertise stretch from teaching to researching within Suzhou, whilst also employing many qualified foreign teachers that allow students to enjoy English from a native tongue. 

Upholding the principle of "Excellence in foreign language acquisition, equal emphasis on science and liberal arts, international integration, and comprehensive development of all students”, Changshu International School only tolerates primary classes of 25-30 students each, to ensure maximum academic progression by all students. We strive to ensure each student acquires a high level of development, aiming to cultivate international little citizens with Chinese roots, international perspective, leading charisma and pedestrian awareness. All students will leave Changshu International School well-rounded and will have areas where they excel in, who have a sense of social responsibilities and missions for the future. The International School has various class-types from which students can choose—— Regular Class,International Class, Art Class for elementary education, Talents Class and IGCSE Class for secondary education. We use textbooks from the American curriculum and perform joint Sino-US teaching, making it possible for students to enjoy learning in a wholly English atmosphere.