Introduction of The Kindergartens Affiliated to Changshu International School


The Kindergarten Affiliated to Changshu International School and The Second Affiliated Kindergarten to Changshu International School locate on the west side of “Hupan Morden City” in Changshu Southeast Economic Development Zone.


Guided by Lunhua Education Philosophy, we adopt diversified curriculums and take the most advantage of local education resources in order to empower more children to enjoy a diversified and internationalized education with higher quality and lay a solid foundation for children's lifelong development.




Our goals:

To lay a solid foundation for children's lifelong development is our guiding ideology. Based on multicultural education, we operate and educate in a unique way. We put the children’s health in the first place, and focus on children's emotional, cognitive and habits development, etc. We create a relaxed and happy atmosphere for children to promote their all-round growth.

We are committed to cultivating the international citizens who are elegant, grateful, willing to explore, and with international vision.



  我们有着国际化、高品位、有特色的育人环境,“本土化的常熟特色一条街”、“多元化的各国风情展示区”、“特色化的楼梯文化”、“国际化的多彩长廊”…… 此外我们还创设各功能室场。如:绘本阅览室、科学发现室、创意美术室、舞蹈房、演出厅……拓展孩子的兴趣,促进孩子的个性发展。

Our environment:

Geographical environment of our kindergarten is superior. The scenery of surrounding area is beautiful. Our classrooms are capacious and bright. Every classroom is equipped with piano, LCD TV, air conditioner, computer and other modern teaching equipment. We also provide enough outdoor activity space, equipped with large green outdoor toys.

We have international and distinctive educational environment, “localized Changshu Old Street”, “exhibition of different countries’ cultures", "characterized stair culture" and "internationalized colorful corridor". In addition we have different activity facilities for students to develop their interests and promote their individual characteristics development, such as, reading room, scientific laboratory, creative art space, dancing room and lecture hall. 




Our teachers:

Teachers in our school respect, encourage and appreciate every child with sincere. We communicate with each child and enlighten their personality development with wisdom.

All the kindergarten teachers have college degree or above, more than half of them as the key teachers, half of them are art teachers. In addition, we also recruit qualified foreign teachers from abroad who have a wealth of experience in teaching.



Our classes:

With the philosophy of basing on the community, serving the public and contributing to the society, we recruit 2--6 years old children. We established domestic experimental classes and international classes so as to meet students’ various needs and empower more children to enjoy a diversified and internationalized education with higher quality.