Introduction of Jining Confucius International School (Jining Foreign Language School)


Founded in 2008, Jining Confucius International School (Jining Foreign Language School) is a government-granted school of a 15-year system which is located in the Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone of Jining. With “Pragmatism, Perseverance and Excellence” being the school spirit, and “Be Benevolent, Be Philosophical, Be Elegant, Be Intelligent And Be Honest” being the school motto. Sticking to the student-oriented value and the concept of studying with creativity and enjoyment, the school encourages students to show their personalities and promotes their overall development.


The management of the school is fully authorized to Lun Hua Education Co., Ltd.. With the management team of SLun Hua Education Co., Ltd. being the core, the school is equipped with highly-educated, highly-dedicated and highly-professional teachers, most of whom are excellent teachers, young specialists, teaching experts and qualified foreign teachers. At present, there are 170 teachers (including 25 foreign teachers) and 1200 students in total.


Centering on “international integration”, the school is characterized by English. It also lays the roots in the “Doctrines of Confucius and Mencius” and constructs the feature of Chinese culture. Moreover, the school aims to enhance the artistic accomplishment of students and cultivate their elegant temperament. For the overall development of students, activities of Reading Festival, Bilingual Festival, Art Festival and Science Festival are dominating on campus in order to train students’ reading ability and hands-on skills, cultivate their interests and provide a stage for them to show. All in all, the ultimate goal of the school is to train modern international citizens with “solid foundation, physical and psychological health, elegant behavior and temperament, comprehensive capability and Chinese cultural groundwork”.


The school sticks to the the concept of “ Protruding Foreign Languages,, Highlighting Arts and Sciences, International Integration and Comprehensive Development” and the principle of “Kids are treasures, teachers are fortunes and Parents are friends”. In just three years, the advancing schooling philosophy has been popularly accepted. At the same time, the unique curriculum system as well as the distinguished schooling features are highly approved and praised by the students, parents, the society and the education departments of all levels. Jining Confucius International School (Jining Foreign Language School) is becoming an international school with high quality featuring “Based on Chinese Cultural Heritage,Bilingual Culture and Artistic Accomplishment”.