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Teachers and students working in concert can work wonders, just as mountains and rivers in harmony make a picturesque landscape.


The sanctity of education lies in its respect for the equality of every life.


Students are to be cherished, teachers esteemed as a treasure trove, parents be friended.


Education should be diversified as students are individually gifted in this diversified world.


We are here to deliver the best education, integrating basic knowledge and artistic cultivation with cross-cultural learning and intellectual refinement. 


Going through five-month purgatory ordeal of deprivation, misery, hunger, thirst and debility, the eagle gets rejuvenated with a rebirth, soaring in the sky for another 30 years. Like the eagle, let’s gracefully leave the past behind us and embrace the future with renewed enthusiasm, to strive, to transcend and to keep flying high above!


Devoted to integrating broad knowledge and a fulfilling life, our “Bohui”-style education is a visionary pursuit of the essence, a new approach—among the differentiated development strategies—to how a school should grow.


In a red ocean, it is the fighting spirit and strategy that count in outperforming our rivals. In a blue ocean, it is the sharp mind and persistence that count in vying for market boundaries. As for me, I prefer a blue dream, cruising in the blue ocean.


Education is a worthy cause where one life inspires another, the essence of which is to enrich and enhance the quality of life. Without an aspiring dream, people engaged in this cause would not be in a position to interact with any of those spirited lives, nor to survive this future-oriented sunrise undertaking.


Education should not be a closed realm but one that transcends the boundaries of geography, time, classroom, school, East versus West, the traditional versus the modern, and the real versus the ideal, an integrated whole that expands the breadth and depth of its cultural dimensions. This is the basis for, and the ultimate goal of, modern schools.


Some say that it is due to its own silk thread that the silkworm gets entangled. We all know that the thread is a strenuous effort of spinning inch by inch. Tangible and practical as this successful effort is, the silkworm is unaware that it is this successfully spun silk that tightly envelops its body. So let’s learn from the pupa instead who breaks through its self-spun cocoon and embraces the future on wings of a grant dream.